Busy & Modern Parent's Guide to Ace the

NYC Gifted & Talented Assessment

“Many thanks to all the video courses, I’ve gain a much better understanding of the testing concepts and was able to help my child in a much more meaningful way than simply print worksheets and forcing him to complete it. Feels great to be in control!”

– Long Island City Mom, 2019

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Preparing your child for the NYC Gifted and Talented Test at home!
Gifted KIds online introduction (free)

Learn how you can use all the resources in this online course to help your child better prepare for the G&T test.

NNAT Masterclass:  Spatial Visualization $29.99

Learn how you can teach one of the most challenge concepts for children in the non-verbal section of the exam taught by our G&T specialists!

Keep the fun in G&T prep

Your child will be taking many tests in their lives. The key is to help them prepare for one of their first assessments in a non-stressful, pressure free, fun way – at home  and your chosen time where they are most comfortable.

Check out all of our courses!

  • Preparing your child for the NYC Gifted and Talented at home! Gifted Kids Online introduction (free)
  • NNAT Masterclass: Pattern Completion $29.99
  • NNAT Masterclass: Serial reasoning $29.99
  • NNAT Masterclass: Reasoning by Analogy, $29.99
  • NNAT Masterclass: Spatial Visualization $29.99
  • OLSAT Masterclass : Following directions $29.99
  • OLSAT Masterclass : Aural Reasoning $29.99
  • OLSAT Masterclass : Arithmetic reasoning questions $29.99
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