Who We Are?

Our Mission

Providing cost effective, proven strategies Gifted &Talented training for families online! 

We are an online based Gifted and Talented training program for busy moms and dads who want to help their children pass the G&T assessment given every January. Founded by the G&T specialists who trained dozens of instructors across multiple Talent Prep locations, and worked with over a thousand families who noticed the lack of parent training programs available to teach our grown ups what they can do at home with their child(ren) on their own time! 

With over 10 years of experience in G&T testing and a proven training program for our G&T teachers, we are so excited to be bringing the program to help PARENTS find resources, schedule meetings with G&T consultants and specialist, create mock test experience and learn HOW to teach tricky concepts to your child(ren) …. all at your own time and comfort! Let’s aim for that 99% seamlessly.

Extraordinary Experiences

See what families have to say about the program! 

“My husband and I started watching the videos and learned the language to use with our 4 year old! It was so easy and effective that we cancelled prep courses right away. We followed the suggestions on how to help with stranger danger and purchased the mock test kit, it was such valuable information for our family! 

                             – Upper East Side Mom, 2019 

Our Core Values

Bringing back G&T control to the parents, supported by specialists! 

How Does Gifted Kids Online Work?

Refund Policy

We do not accept refund on any downloaded G&T work 

Refunds of G&T books are accepted only when the protective seal is NOT broken 

Refunds must be emailed to contact@giftedkidsonline.com within 14 days of payment.

Families who meet the following criteria are eligible for a refund, with the amount to be determined by Gifted Kids Online: 

  1. A customer utilized all materials included in the product they purchased and completed the actual test. The customer found discrepancies between Gifted Kids Online’s material and the actual test: 

  1. Case 1: If there was no match between Gifted Kids Online and the actual test, the customer is entitled to a full (100%) refund. 

  1. Case 2: If there was a partial match between Gifted Kids Online and the actual test, the customer is entitled to a partial refund (30-80%) on a case-by-case basis after a full review of the information provided by the customer. Gifted Kids Online reserves the right to determine the refund amount on a case-by-case basis.  

  1. A technical failure with Gifted Kids Online website or software prevented the customer from using the product.

  1. The product was not utilized in any way.

Gifted Kids Online is committed to giving all of our customers a fair experience.