All Inclusive Masterclass


Here is what our All Inclusive Masterclass Contains:

  • OLSAT Following Directions
  • OLSAT Aural Reasoning
  • OLSAT Arithmetic Reasoning
  • OLSAT Resources to Practice
  • NNAT Pattern Completion
  • NNAT Reasoning by Analogy
  • NNAT Serial Reasoning
  • NNAT Spatial Visualization
  • Already passed the test taking section?
  • Consultation

Here’s what you’re getting yourself into when you enroll in this course:

  • An onboard training video to show you how to navigate the website and where the essentials are at.
  • Welcome course that will provide access to key timeline of milestones and vocabulary list
  • Every section of the 7 subsets will contain training videos of how you can work with your child and strategies that have proven to work.
  • You’ll also have access to download materials (sample questions) to try out with your child on your own at the end of each subset topic (over 100 questions with specific concept categorization so you know where you may need to brush up on).
  • Two check in consultations for you to speak with a specialist. We’ll be checking in on where you’re at, what your next steps are and what your raw scores mean to your child.
  • Post test follow up- What does your score report mean for your child? What are your options?