NNAT Masterclass: Spatial Visualization


Spatial Visualization

  • ¬†Introducing Spatial Visualization
  • Teach Folding and merger concepts using visuals!
  • Introducing Paper-based Questions
  • Spatial Reasoning : Materials


Here’s what you’re getting yourself into when you enroll in this course:

  • An onboard training video to show you how to navigate the website and where the essentials are at.
  • Welcome course that will provide access to key timeline of milestones and vocabulary list
  • Every section of Spatial Reasoning will contain training videos of how you can work with your child and strategies that have proven to work.
  • You’ll also have access to download materials (sample questions) to try out with your child on your own in the materials section.
  • One check in consultation for you to speak with a specialist or a 20 minute private virtual tutoring. We’ll be checking in on where you’re at, what your next steps are and what your raw scores mean to your child.
  • Post test follow up- What does your score report mean for your child? What are your options?